The Interfaith Movement at DePaul University

Today’s post is by Nic Cable, a senior at Depaul, pursuing a double major in Religious Studies and Peac, Justice, and Conflict Studies. He is serving his second year as an Interfaith Scholar at DePaul University and is the Director of the Better Together Campaign at this institution.

My name is Nic Cable and I am fellow with the Interfaith Youth Core’s Fellows Alliance. I wanted to share with you what that means for both its implications on DePaul University and the greater world. This historic university is nationally recognized for its extensive interfaith work in dialogue and service. As an IFYC fellow, I am charged with raising this amazing interfaith work to the next level through building sustainable structures and programs that will foster an environment for interfaith cooperation on this campus.

This work has already begun as Peter wrote in a previous article entitled “We Have the Power to Make a Difference.” Peter is completely right in that suggestion. The work of building interfaith cooperation is extremely necessary in today’s world where religious discrimination and bigotry are more rampant than ever before. We, as advocates of a world where peace between nations and ourselves is the norm, realize that religious identity is an authentic component to each person, whether Buddhist, Mormon, or Atheist. Likewise, it is important to build a community where people can come together to work for the common good.

We have the power to make a difference in this building of a peaceful global community. But, we are not alone. Across the country and the world, thousands of organizations are answering this call for religious pluralism with great energy. In particular, colleges and universities across this country are taking a leading role in this movement. For example, I am just one of twenty fellows this academic school year. Nineteen students representing nineteen institutions are raising awareness and working tirelessly to further religious harmony between students on their campuses. Below is a short video that highlights why we are each involved in this movement and why we all are truly Better Together.


I hope you will join the global interfaith movement. DePaul University is a beacon of this movement and each of you are important to keeping it lit.

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