Man in the Ring at Court Theatre

Man in the Ring, Court Theatre, closes 10/16/2016.

GABRIEL RUIZ (BFA, Acting, ’08) and JACQUELINE WILLIAMS (BFA, Acting, ’87) are in the cast. JOHN CULBERT (Dean) is the scenic designer, KEITH PARHAM (BFA, Lighting Design, ’98) is the lighting designer, and NOELLE  THOMAS (BFA, Scene Design, ’99) is the assistance scenic designer. LEEA AYERS (MFA, Acting, ’16) and BERNARD GILBERT (MFA, Acting, ’16) are understudies.

Source: Court Theatre

Chimerica at TimeLine Theatre

Chimerica, TimeLine Theatre Company, closes 7/31/16. NICK BOWLING (MFA, Directing, ‘96) directs. CHRISTINE BUNUAN (BFA, Acting, ’02) and CHRIS RICKETT (MFA, Acting, ’11) are in the cast. JOHN CULBERT (Dean) is the scenic designer and EMILY GUTHRIE (BFA, Scene Design, ’09) is the properties designer.Source: Chimerica | TimeLine Theatre

Arcadia at Writers Theatre

Arcadia, Writers Theatre, closes 5/1/2016. GABRIEL RUIZ (BFA, Acting, ’08) is in the cast. LANCE BAKER (BFA, Acting, ‘93) is an understudy. JOHN CULBERT (Dean) is the lighting designer. COLLETTE POLLARD (BFA, Scenic Design, ’00) is the scenic designer. DAVID CASTELLANOS (BFA, Production management, ’88) is the production stage manager.

Source: Arcadia by Tom Stoppard | Writers Theatre

Inana at TimeLine Theatre

Inana, Timeline Theatre, closes 7/26/15. COLLETTE POLLARD (BFA, Scene Design, ’00) is the scenic designer. Artistic Associates include: EVA BRENEMAN (Faculty), LOUIS CONTEY (MFA, Directing, ’89 & Faculty), JOHN CULBERT (Dean), KEITH PARHAM (BFA, Lighting Design, ‘98), COLLETTE POLLARD (BFA, Scene Design, ’00) and ANN WAKEFIELD (Faculty). NICK BOWLING (MFA, Directing, ‘96) is the associate artistic director, LARA GOETSCH (Former Staff) is the director of marketing and communications, JULIET HART (MFA, Acting, ’95) is the living history education programs coordinator, PJ POWERS (BFA, Acting,’95) is the artistic director and a member of the board, MAREN ROBINSON (Faculty) is a company member, and BENJAMIN THIEM (BFA, Theatre Studies, ’04) is the literary manager. Emeritus company members include: CHRIS HOFMANN (Staff), PAT HOFMANN (MFA, Acting, ‘96) and BRIAN VOELKER (BFA, Playwriting, ‘98).Source: Inana | TimeLine Theatre