How to Catch Creation at Goodman Theatre

How to Catch Creation, Goodman Theatre, closes 2/24/2019. KAREN ALDRIDGE (MFA, Acting, ’01), AYANNA BRIA BAKARI (BFA, Acting, ’17), JASMINE BRACEY (Faculty), and BERNARD GILBERT (MFA, Acting, ’16) are in the cast. PHYLLIS GRIFFIN (MFA, Acting, ’78/Faculty) is the vocal coach.

Source: How to Catch Creation | Goodman Theatre

Paradise Blue at TimeLine Theatre

Paradise Blue, TimeLine Theatre, closes 7/23/2017. KRISTEN E. ELLIS (BFA, Acting, ’11) is in the cast. BERNARD GILBERT (MFA, Acting, ’16) is an understudy. MARY O’DOWD (MFA Acting program, ’93-’95) is the props designer.

A dynamic and jazz-infused drama about what’s at stake when building a better future.

Source: Paradise Blue | TimeLine Theatre

Man in the Ring at Court Theatre

Man in the Ring, Court Theatre, closes 10/16/2016.

GABRIEL RUIZ (BFA, Acting, ’08) and JACQUELINE WILLIAMS (BFA, Acting, ’87) are in the cast. JOHN CULBERT (Dean) is the scenic designer, KEITH PARHAM (BFA, Lighting Design, ’98) is the lighting designer, and NOELLE  THOMAS (BFA, Scene Design, ’99) is the assistance scenic designer. LEEA AYERS (MFA, Acting, ’16) and BERNARD GILBERT (MFA, Acting, ’16) are understudies.

Source: Court Theatre

Our Lady of 121st Street by Eclipse Theatre Company 

Our Lady of 121st Street, Eclipse Theatre Company at The Athenaeum Theatre, closes 8/22/16. CELESTE COOPER (MFA, Acting, ’12) and BERNARD GILBERT (MFA, Acting, ’16) are in the cast. KEVIN HAGAN (MFA, Scene Design, ’96) is the set designer and CATHERINE MILLER (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, ’14) is the dramaturg.

Source: Our Lady of 121st Street – Athenaeum Theatre