Truth in Context by The Agency Theater Collective

Truth in Context, The Agency Theater, closes 8/23/15. AWATE SEREQUEBERHAN (BFA, Acting, ’15) is in the cast. GREG PINSONEAULT (BFA, Scene Design, ’15) designed the set. ELLIE HUMPHRYS (BFA, Lighting Design, ’12) designed the lighting. AT THE AGENCY: ANDREW GALLANT (MFA, Acting, ’09) is the artistic director. CECILIA FALTER (BFA, Theatre Management, ’15), and ELLIE HUMPHRYS (BFA, Lighting Design,’12) are company members.

Source: THE AGENCY THEATER COLLECTIVE | We are The Agency. So are you.

Animals Out of Paper at Shattered Globe Theatre

Animals out of Paper, Shattered Globe Theatre, closes 2/27/16. AWATE SEREQUEBERHAN (BFA, Acting, 15) is in the cast. KELLY CLAUSSEN (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’12) is the production manager and SARAH JO WHITE (BFA, Costume Design, ’13) is the costume designer.

Source: Shattered Globe Theatre :: Chicago Theater | Animals Out of Paper