An Educated Guess At Definition Theatre

As Definition Theatre puts it “It’s been a few years since the September 11 attacks on New York City, but the wounds are still raw. We find Alba Guerrero, a rising star at the federal immigration office in Manhattan, on the day she realizes an immigrant she admitted into the United States has committed a heinous act of mass murder. As her life begins to unravel, we meet characters from all over the world– helping Alba come to grips with guilt, forgiveness, and the inherent fallibility of our government systems.”

TTS Alumni Include: Claudia Quesada (BFA ACTING 19′) Portraying Alba Guerrero.

Definition Theatre celebrates stories created with, inspired by, and intended for people and communities of color. Through the act of making, Definition expands perspectives, stewards resources, and bridges the possibility found at the intersection of art, innovation, and education.

An Educated Guess Closes At Definition Theatre May 26th 2024.

You Can Access Tickets Here

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