2 thoughts on “Accidental Death of a Black Motorist by The Conspirators

  1. Hello, here is the description in the show’s website.

    “The Conspirators are back with another high-energy, high-style, hard-hitting satire, this time skewering the culture of police violence and the complicity of the Code of Silence. Updated and adapted by founding Conspirator Sid Feldman from Nobel Prize-winner Dario Fo’s modern classic, Accidental Death of an Anarchist, Accidental Death of a Black Motorist drops the story right smack in the middle of one of America’s worst abuses of power. A crazy, maniacal actor infiltrates police headquarters posing as the First Council to the Chief Justice and gets the bad cops to unwittingly confess the truth behind their suspect/victim’s “accidental” death. Accidental Death of a Black Motorist is directed by Artistic Director Wm. Bullion.”

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