Microsoft 365 Apps

DePaul students, faculty, and staff have access to many Microsoft 365 apps including Office 365. Please click the link below to check out all of the apps you can use. Put an app on your phone. Take it out to lunch. Just you and the new app. Together. Forever (or at least as long you are a student or employee at DePaul).

Software Benefits

Did you know about all of the software benefits available to DePaul students, faculty, and staff members? Access software on the virtual lab. Download Microsoft 365 apps on personal computers and phones. Get software discounts. Take advantage of troves of professional training videos in LinkedIn Learning. You can learn just about anything. Seriously. Your brain will be exhausted. In a good way!

DePaul’s Virtual Lab

DePaul University has developed a new virtual lab environment using Azure Virtual Desktop in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud for students and faculty. Connect to DePaul’s virtual computing environment for access to software and services that were previously mainly available on campus. It’s like a DePaul computer lab, but it’s on your computer. Magical!

Classroom Technology Support

If you experience problems with the technology during your class, press the Classroom Technology Hotline button on the phone next to the podium to speak with a support specialist.

  • Users can also dial extension 2-5900 to reach the Classroom Technology Hotline

Genius Squad

The Genius Squad is DePaul’s premiere walk-in support center. For current students, we provide free technical support for computers, mobile devices, and other personal electronic devices. For faculty and staff, we fully support DePaul-owned computers, and provide limited support for DePaul services such as wifi and email setup on personal devices. Don’t be shy. Drop in to see the Genius Squad!


Mobile Blue Demon Card

The Blue Demon Card is now available on your phone! Although DePaul students, faculty, and staff members still have the option to obtain and use a physical card, your mobile Blue Demon Card can now be added to your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android phone. Just tap your phone at various card readers across campus. It’s like magic!