Intern by Evgenios Learnahan

My Digital Marketing Internship
Coffee machines, department lunches, games at the start of weekly recap meetings– working in an office can be a ton of fun. Can’t you just hear my excitement? While all these little facets of working in an office can be entertaining, what I really find exhilarating is what happens in between all the quick snack breaks and friendly meetings; work

As a digital marketing intern at, a fast-growing digital agency (not the clothing store), work looks like hundreds of pages of missing meta descriptions and titles, excel spreadsheets with countless internal and external links that need to be changed, and CMS platforms just begging for updated content. Does it sound like a lot of work? It is. But no matter how tedious the task, I know what I am doing is important. I and 600+ other employees at are passionate about making sure a client’s company can not only be seen by their target market, but be engaging enough to get them to learn more about the company, fill out email subscription forms, or simply buy something. Our job is to make sure that a client’s money is well spent by driving statistically relevant traffic and conversions to their different webpages.

How do you make sure a website has good visibility and engagement you ask? Well, the digital marketing team at utilizes a combination of digital marketing strategies based on the needs of a client. We work with companies of all different sizes and industries so what works for one might not be what works for another. The department consists of marketers capable of problem solving in search engine optimization, pay per click advertisement, email marketing, social media marketing, and content writing. While there are some who specialize in one area, most of the team can be dangerous in more than one field.

What I’ve Learned
I’ve come to learn at my internship that each one of these fields within digital marketing is important to building a company’s digital presence. Without search engine optimization, user experience design, social media marketing, email marketing, and content writing, the websites we visit would look and feel bland, boring, and confusing; and in a time where there is nothing that can’t be learned or bought online, bland, boring, and confusing webpages are unattractive and unacceptable.

To make sure websites are easy to find and use, I’ve had to learn both the technical and content sides of digital marketing. has made it very easy to do this as there is an endless number of projects to work on, a collection of blog posts and articles sharing the best practices for all areas within the digital marketing industry, and responsive senior team members always ready to help tackle a problem. The combination of hands-on contributions to projects and helpful resources provided by has built exponentially upon my foundational digital marketing knowledge gained through DePaul course work.

An Irreplaceable Internship Experience
I believe that my opportunity to join the digital marketing team at has grown my interest in digital marketing as well as the skillset needed to be successful within the industry. Along with irreplaceable learning experiences, I’ve also been exposed to wonderful people at who are passionate about the work they do and are always ready to help somebody green to the industry learn from and contribute to a variety of challenging and fulfilling projects.










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