Welcome to DePaul Marketing Department

Here at DePaul, marketing matters. The Marketing Department offers internships and networking events each quarter to further enhance your classroom experience. Participate in our Marketing Internship Program to gain hands-on experience while receiving class credit for your Experiential Learning domain and a Marketing Elective. Attend one of our events to connect and learn from professionals working in the industry right now.

This page is run by the Marketing Ambassador team. For more information please reach out to Jess Sanborn at jsanbor1@depaul.edu or to an Ambassador at marketing_department@depaul.edu.

Meet our Marketing Ambassadors: 
Jennifer Acevedo, Events
Shivani Dave, Marketing
Gabby Iwanska, TikTok
Crystal Barron, Relations
Daryn Deas, Relations
Monica Ramierz, Relations

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