Sales and Guest Service Intern at Entertainment Cruises – Christine Jengwa

Chicago is known for its beautiful skyline with tall buildings. Being a student in business, I always wanted to work in one of the “tall buildings”. I am fortunate enough to be able to walk into the NBC Tower every day for my internship (pictured on the right).

17Being a Sales and Guest Service Intern at Entertainment Cruises has taught me a lot about human interactions. Day in and day out I am on the phone helping guests create unforgettable memories on our lunch, dinner, and excursion cruises. I deal with a large variety of phone calls. Anything as small as what shoes am I allowed to wear on the cruise from something as big as planning an engagement on the cruise.

Being the romantic loving, sappy girl I am, helping a nervous man organize his reservation for the big proposal is extremely exciting. Every day I not only get to do my job of serving guests and creating reservations for them, I also get to hear their stories. Hearing about guests who went on our cruises years ago and are now returning with their daughters and sons are what makes this job easy to go to each and every day.

There are about 5,000 employees in our company, yet I feel like they are always catering to each and every one of us as if there were only ten. Being an intern, I am fortunate enough to be able to jump onto projects to better improve our company. The latest project I got to be a part of was analyzing the calls from our new line of excursion cruises and tailoring our website to better serve these guests.

18As my time at Entertainment Cruises is about to wrap up, I reflect on the transferable skills that I have gained for future opportunities. I got the chance to work directly with our guests and truly understand how to tailor to their needs. Being on the phone for eight hours a day can be draining, but here at Entertainment Cruises it truly teaches you what the consumers are thinking. Consumers are what drives companies. Getting the hands on experience of guest service is something I will bring with me to my future career.

I have a few weeks left here at the NBC Tower for Entertainment Cruises. This internship has taught me valuable people skills and I have enjoyed my time here. I have a few free cruises to enjoy, as a perk of working at this company. I am excited to get to enjoy them in these next weeks (on the ship pictured above). There is one large thing I hope to fulfill before my time is done. I hope to run into Steve Harvey at the NBC Tower. I have been preparing my elevator speech for this single moment.

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