Lawful Assembly Podcast: A Moral Claim for Sensible Gun Regulation

Show Notes

In this interview, Rev. Craig B. Mousin, an Adjunct Faculty member of DePaul University’s College of Law, Refugee and Forced Migration Studies Program, and the Grace School of Applied Diplomacy presents a moral argument for sensible gun regulation.  We have learned since the recording of this podcast, that Justin Jones and Justin Pearson have been appointed to be interim State Representatives in the Tennessee legislature through the action of their respective constituents.


1.      Call or write your elected representatives to enact sensible gun laws to address the epidemic of gun violence in our nation.

2.     The United Church of Christ offers a tool kit with resources to Advocate to End Gun Violence.  Review it and take prophetic action.


Justin Jones quote on the gun epidemic can be found at “Tennessee House expels 2 Democrats after gun control protest,” April 7, 2023.

Justin Pearson’s quote on sobering reality can be found at Nouran Salahieh, , “Reinstated Tennessee lawmaker Justin Jones says he’ll continue to call for gun reform” April 11, 2023.  Justin Pearson’s statement regarding whom he speaks for in the legislature can be found at Democracy Now! 2023-04—11 Tuesday between 22:34-26:18.

The reference to Gloria Johnson can be found at Robin Gibson and Devarrick Turner, “Kelsea Ballerini, Gloria Johnson refer to Knoxville’s 2008 Central High School shooting,” April 7, 2023.

Part of this podcast was inspired by my earlier op-ed “Where Does One Stand on a Slippery Slope?” (2013).  You can find additional citations to the CDC, cases, and other resources in its footnotes.

Fr. Guillermo Campuzano, C.M., “Easter Season: A Culture of Nonviolence, Resilience and Communal Hope,” April 10, 2023

Rev. William Barber’s quote can be found in Ruth Graham, “Nashville, Battered and Mourning, Pauses for Easter,” April 9, 2023.

The Washington-Post: John Woodrow Cox et al, “More Than 349,000 school shootings” includes information on how gun violence places a disproportionate impact on black youth.  (April 11, 2023) and Silvia Foster-Frau and Holly Bailey, “A tragedy without end,” March 27, 2023.

Cases cited in this podcast:  New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen, 142 S. Ct. 2111, (Thomas, 2145; Alito, 2157) (2022); Glenn v. State, 72 S.E. 927, 929 (1911, Hill); State v. Workman, 14 S.E. 9, 11 (1891); Hill v. Georgia, 53 Ga. 476-7, (1874, McCay); Hopkins v. Commonwealth, 66 Ky. 480, 482 (1868, Robertson).

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