Lawful Assembly Podcast – Episode 28: Do Not Let Summer Daze Convert Pretense Into Law: End Title 42


This is an interview with Rev. Craig B. Mousin, an Adjunct Faculty member of the DePaul University’s College of Law, Refugee and Forced Migrations Studies Program and the Grace School of Applied Diplomacy. The podcast examines new attempts to codify the harmful effects of Title 42 through amending the Fiscal Year 2023 spending bills currently before Congress. Please email or call your elected representative and oppose all of these amendments.


  1. Email your Senators and Representative to oppose these amendments. The National Immigrant Justice Center provides information and a simple link to register your voice:
  2. You can call your elected representatives with this helpful script and background information provided by the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies:


Our previous podcast on Title 42’s bad science and bad law, Episode 25 “Stop the Pretense That It Is Just About Public Health,” can be found at:

The source of Yogi Berra’s “It’s déjà vu all over again” can be found at:

The National Immigrant Justice Center webpage includes additional background information and resources at:

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