Seeds of the Mission: Rick Moreci

Vincentian Organization & Pragmatism 

When serving as a priest in Châtillon, France, Vincent learned a valuable lesson about pragmatism and organization. One day, he heard news of a family who was ill and needed assistance. He asked his congregation to bring soup and supplies to their home. So many people responded to Vincent’s call that the family received more food than they could eat, and much of it spoiled. This event helped Vincent realize that in order to be effective, charity must be organized and structured. It’s important to channel people’s good will in meaningful ways 

Throughout their lives, Vincent and Louise set a precedent for the Vincentian family to balance personalism with pragmatism. They knew there was value both in learning a person’s name and in working strategically to ensure that they were able to execute their work well. They also were attentive to managing resources to get them to those most in need.  

At DePaul, we strive to uphold that same balance, to hear the needs of individual students and provide an organized, deliberate response. The Student Food Pantry is one example of DePaul’s personalism and pragmatism. Rick and his team worked collaboratively to respond in an organized, sustainable way to students experiencing food insecurity. They thoughtfully considered how to create an accessible resource that honors the dignity of those using it. It has become a trusted source of support for students. Bringing in other university partners to make this effort sustainable is a great example of the power of Vincentian collaboration. Efforts such as these bring modern understanding to Vincent’s words, “It is not enough to do good. It must be done well.” 

For anyone who wishes to donate non-perishable food or household items to the pantry, you may do so by bringing your donation directly to the Student Center during any of the open building hours. Entry to the building is on the corner of Kenmore and Belden. If you would like to make a financial contribution to the pantry to help keep the shelves stocked you may visit,