Learning to Rely on Others

Vincent de Paul is recorded as having asked:  “What do you think is most often the cause of our failings in our resolutions? It’s that we depend too much on ourselves, we put trust in our good desires, we rely on our own strength, and that’s the reason we don’t get any good results from them.” (Conference 70, Meditation, CCD, 11:79)

Have you ever had a conversation with a student or with a colleague and found that they are struggling in holding their burdens by themselves for too long?  Conversely, might a friend, colleague, or family member have tried to tell you that you are not alone in something that you are trying to carry all by yourself?

Often, when we rely and trust those beyond ourselves we can get unstuck, begin healing, and finally move forward with good results.

Vincent saw his own attachments and reached beyond himself – always returning to his community and to God. As you prepare for 2020, perhaps with a new resolution, where are you being invited to trust more in others and to move beyond merely relying on yourself and your own efforts?

Reflection by:

Karl Nass, Director, Vincentian Service and Formation, Mission and Ministry


The 2019 Vinny Prize

During the holiday season, we often find ourselves thinking of those less fortunate than us. Yet did you know that studies show cultivating empathy, especially amongst young people, is also linked to reducing crime and increasing one’s overall happiness? It’s in this spirit that we share the 2019 VINNY PRIZE winner, Mykhailo Bogdanov’s touching film based on his experience volunteering at a PADS homeless shelter.  You can find this short video  on You Tube here:  Public Action to Deliver Shelter

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