Newsnote: Revised edition of “Praying with Elizabeth Ann Seton” is published by the V.S.I.

By Margaret Alderman and Josephine Burns, D.C.

New edition edited by Betty Ann McNeil, D.C.



As the first saint to grow from the soil of the United States, Elizabeth Ann Seton holds a special place in the story of the Catholic church in America. A wife and widow, mother of five children, founder of a new community of religious women, teacher and administrator, Elizabeth was remarkable by any standard. Most importantly, Elizabeth Seton was a holy person who companioned other people to a greater love of God and of their sisters and brothers.



Praise for Praying with Elizabeth Ann Seton:


Elizabeth Seton has great name recognition among many around the world. Some know the basic outline of her life, but few know with any depth the beauty and profundity of her spiritual life. Sister Betty Ann McNeil, D.C., has provided a great service by overseeing the revised republication of Praying with Elizabeth Ann Seton. It is one of the few books available that offer an in-depth look at important aspects of the saint’s spirituality. For those who use it to truly PRAY with Elizabeth Seton, it can be an opportunity, not only to appreciate Elizabeth’s spiritual journey, but to open the door to one’s own journey into a deeper relationship with God.


Sister Judith Metz, S.C.

Archivist and Historian

Sisters of Charity, Cincinnati, OH


117 pages

ISBN: 978-1-936696-10-9

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