Recent Acquisition: “Loterie Saint-Vincent-De-Paul.”

The Vincentiana Collection of the Archives/Special Collections department at DePaul University recently acquired a lottery ticket that was issued to raise money for the mid-nineteenth century construction of the shrine complex at Saint Vincent’s birthplace “Le Berceau” near Dax.  This national lottery which was authorized by the government of Napoleon III was headed by the Bishop of Aire/Dax, Mgr. Hiraboure. The stated purpose of the lottery was to raise funds to erect a chapel, orphange, and rest home at the site of St. Vincent’s birth.  The lottery distributed 100,000 francs in prize money.  The shrine complex (which also included the reconstructed “birth place” of Saint Vincent and the famous 800 year old oak tree) was dedicated with great solemnity on 24 April 1864.