Interfaith Pumpkin Carving

Emma Cushman Wood

Today’s post is by Nic Cable, a senior at Depaul, who is pursuing a double major in Religious Studies and Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies. He is serving his second year as an Interfaith Scholar at DePaul University and is the Director of the Better Together Campaign at this institution.

On Sunday, several students gathered in the quad to carve pumpkins and celebrate the fall. They discussed the idea of fall and the symbolism of Halloween from their different perspectives. Bridget Liddell, the Interfaith Scholar shared these thoughts after reflecting on the experience:

Bridget Liddell

“Although I have often hurried through my homework in the last hours of the weekend, I know that sometimes what we need most is to pause. The weather, though unsure of what temperature it wanted to be, welcomed some autumn celebration. Bright leaves are quite a dramatic indication of the shift towards winter. Sadly, these are the last few weeks (days? Hopefully not) of pleasant lounging outside, and I found that the students carving pumpkins felt tapped into their childhoods. Passing my freshly corked pumpkin around the table so everyone could take in the scent of fall, I remembered why we need times like this. Our busy lives drag us through week after week of classes, homework, groups we work with, whatever it may be, and taking the time to sit together outside, to move back through those childhood memories and to remember that indeed, every day matters, and, yes, the world is beautiful.”

Enjoy the beauty of the earth and enjoy Halloween this coming weekend. Share with your friends the excitement of the fall and Halloween.

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