Jettison at Gorilla Tango Theatre

Jettison, Gorilla Tango Theatre, closes 10/14/2016. SAMUEL HAINES (BFA, Acting, ’15) wrote and directed. FIONA GARRETSON (BFA, Acting, ’15), ASIA MARTIN (BFA, Acting, ’15) and MAX STEWART (BFA, Acting, ’15) are in the cast. ELYSE BALOGH (BFA, Scene Design, ’15) is the scenic designer, CONNOR BREDBECK (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’18) is the stage manager, CASSANDRA KENDALL (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’17) is the stage manager, MATT REICH (BFA, Sound Design, ’15) is the sound designer, and REA SHUMAN (BFA, Theatre Management, ’15) is the graphic designer.

Source: Gorilla Tango Theatre