Eroica by Azusa Productions

Eroica, Azusa Productions at Redtwist Theatre, closes 8/7/2016. GARRET YOUNG (BFA, Acting, ’19) is in the cast. ELYSE BALOGH (BFA, Scene Design, ’15) is the scene designer, VADA BRICENO (BFA, Lighting Design, ’16) is the lighting designer, and MATT REICH (BFA, Sound Design, ’15) is the sound designer.

Source: Eroica – Theatre reviews

The Things We Keep at Arc Theatre

The Things We Keep, Arc Theatre, closes 2/28/16. MARK BOERGERS (MFA, Acting, ’10) wrote the play. TEDDY BOONE (BFA, Acting, ’10) and JOE FLYNN (MFA, Acting, ’12) are in the cast. BELINDA BING (BFA, Stage Management, ’14) is the production manager, ALEC LONG (BFA, Scene Design, ’12) is the set designer, RACHEL REGAN (BFA, Sound Design, ’15) and MATT REICH (BFA, Sound Design, ’15) are the co-sound designers, CAILIN SHORT (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’11) is the head of design, and MEGAN TURNER (BFA, Costume Technology, ’14) is the costume designer.

Source: The Things We Keep – Theatre reviews

Voyage by Cock and Bull Theatre

Voyage, Cock and Bull Theatre at The Chopin Theatre, closes 8/1/15. CHRIS PEAK (MFA, Directing, ’04) directed. MEG ELLIOTT (MFA, Acting, ’10), EDDY KARCH (MFA, Acting, ’09), CASEY MORRIS (MFA, Acting, ’15), and TUCKIE WHITE (BFA, Acting, ’09) are in the cast. LAURA (HARRISON) RESINGER (MFA, Acting, ’15) is an understudy. SARAH JACKSON (BFA, Acting, ’10) is the production director, SARAH HECHT (MFA, Acting, ’10) is the assistant director, AIDEN KENT (BFA, Stage Management, ’17) is the stage manager, GREGORY PINSONEAULT (BFA, Scene Design, ’15) is the set designer, MATT REICH (BFA, Sound Design, ’15) is the sound designer, JANIE KILLIPS (BFA, Playwriting, ’15) is the video artist, KATHY FEROLITO (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’17) is the production dramaturg, and CHRISTIAN ESPARZA (BFA, Costume Technology, ’15) is the assistant costume designer/costume technician.

Source: Production History of Cock and Bull — Cockandbull