Once at The Paramount Theatre

Once, The Paramount Theatre, closes 6/3/2018. ALEX E. HARDAWAY (BFA, Acting) is in the cast. NICK BELLEY (BFA, Lighting Design, ’13) is the lighting designer, KATIE CORDTS (BFA, Costime Design, ’08) is the wig, hair, and makeup designer, and KELLY MONTGOMERY (BFA, Stage Management, ’11) is the assistant stage manager.

Source: Once | Events | The Paramount Theatre – Aurora, IL

All My Sons by Court Theatre

All My Sons, Court Theatre, closes 2/11/2018. KARL HAMILTON (BFA, Acting, ’97) is in the cast. JOHN CULBERT (Faculty) is the scenic designer, JASON GOFF (MFA, Acting, ’15) is the fight choreographer, KELLY MONTGOMERY (BFA, Stage Management, ’11) is the stage manager, KEITH PARHAM (BFA, Lighting design, ’98) is the lighting designer, and NOELLE THOMAS (BFA, Scene Design, ’99 & Faculty) is the assistant scenic designer.

Source: All My Sons | Court Theatre – Court Theatre