Radio Golf at Court Theatre

Radio Golf, Court Theatre, closes 9/30/2018. JACK MAGAW (Faculty) is the scene designer.

“With wit and soul, Radio Golf brings to a close the most ambitious theatrical undertaking in the history of American theater.” —New York Sun Real estate developer Harmond Wilks is determined to become the first black mayor of Pittsburgh, on a mission to revive his blighted childhood neighborhood. As Wilks confronts characters from the past, […]

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Support Group for Men at Goodman Theatre

Support Group of Men, Goodman Theatre, closes 7/29/2018. RYAN KITLEY (MFA, Acting, ’98 and FACULTY) and ERIC SLATER (BFA, Acting, ’17) are in the cast. ISAAC GOMEZ (Faculty) is the dramaturg, JACK MAGAW (Faculty) is the scene designer, and ALDEN VASQUEZ (Faculty) is the production stage manager.

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Buried Child at Writers Theatre

Buried Child, Writers Theatre, closes 6/17/2018. MARK L. MONTGOMERY (BFA, Acting) and LARRY YANDO (MFA, Acting, ’88) are in the cast. DAVID CASTELLANOS (BFA, Production Management, ’88) is the production stage manager. HEATHER GILBERT (MFA, Lighting Design, ’97) is the lighting designer, and JACK MAGAW (Faculty) is the scenic designer.

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For Peter Pan on Her 70th Birthday at Shattered Globe Theatre

For Peter Pan on her 70th Birthday, Shattered Globe Theatre, closes 5/20/2017. KELLY CLAUSSEN (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’12) is the production manager, JACK MAGAW (Faculty) is the scenic designer, and SARAH JO WHITE (BFA, Costume Design, ’13) is the costume designer.

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