Second Skin by WildClaw Theatre of Chicago

Second Skin, WildClaw Theatre of Chicago at The Den, closes 10/13/2018. KRISTIN IDASZAK (BFA, Theatre Arts, ‘09/Faculty) is the playwright, LILA GILBERT (BFA, Theatre Technology, ’18) is the production manager, HANNAH GREENSPAN (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, ’18) is the dramaturg, and AARYANNA (GARISS) RENEE (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’15) is the stage manager.

Source: Second Skin (2018) | WildClaw Theatre of Chicago

A Jewish Joke by ShPIel Performing Identity

A Jewish Joke, ShPIel Performing Identity at Victory Gardens, closes 7/31/16. DAVID CHACK (Faculty) directs. HANNAH GREENSPAN (BFA, Dramaturgy/Criticism, ’18) is the dramaturg, ALEGRA LARSON (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’17) is part of the production team, JILLIAN SKALE (BFA, Acting, ’18) is the production manager, and ANDREW YENI (BFA, Acting, ’17) is in charge of advancement.

Source: A Jewish Joke | Victory Gardens Theater