The Red Line on CBS Features Theatre School Alum

The Red Line, CBS. CAITLIN PARRISH (BFA, Theatre Studies, ‘06) and ERICA WEISS (BFA, theatre Studies, ‘05) created the show and co-executive produce. McKENZIE CHINN (MFA, Acting, ‘11), PHYLLIS GRIFFIN (MFA, Acting, ‘78/Faculty), AMANDA POWELL (BFA, Acting, ‘07), MARY WILLIAMSON (BFA, Acting, ‘08), and RAVEN WHITLEY (BFA, Acting, ‘17) all make appearances.

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Caitlin Parrish is co-producer and executive story editor on CW’s Supergirl

Supergirl, CW. CAITLIN PARRISH (BFA, General Theatre Studies, ’06) is a co-producer, executive story editor, and writer. Supergirl premeires its season three tonight. (MONDAYS at 7pm)

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