Hellcab at The Agency Theater Collective

Hellcab (2018), The Agency Theater Collective at the Raven Theatre, closes 12/30/2018. TYLER ESSELMAN (BFA, Acting, ’15) and AUDREY GLADSON (BFA, Acting, ’15) are in the cast. ELYSE BALOGH (BFA, Scene Design, ’15) is the scenic designer, ELLIE HUMPHRYS (BFA, Lighting Design, ’12) is the lighting designer, MARK MOCARSKI (BFA, Acting, ’15) is the technical director, and HAILEY RAKOWIECKI (BFA, Costume Design, ’17) is the costume designer,

Unfolding over the course of a cold Christmas Eve, a young cab driver takes the wheel and journeys through the city, encountering an unusual parade of fares as she goes. Kern draws from personal ex…

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