Good Person of Szechwan by Cor Theatre

The Good Person of Szechwan, Cor Theatre at A Red Orchid Theater, closes 9/11/16. ERNIE NOLAN (Faculty & MFA, Directing, ’04) directs. MICHAEL BUONO (BFA, Acting, ’16), CHRIS BRICKHOUSE (BFA, Acting, ’12), ISABELLA COELHO (BFA, Theatre Arts, ’13), AIDA DELAZ (BFA, Acting, ’16), JERI MARSHALL (MFA, Acting, ’16), and WILL VON VOGT (BFA, Acting, ’08) are in the cast. ERIN COLLINS (BFA, Stage Management, ’18) is the assistant production manager, ELYSE COWLES (BFA, Playwriting, ’10) is the associate producer  TOSHA FOWLER (MFA, Acting, ’09) is the production manager and movement coach, ALARIE HAMMOCK (BFA, Costume Technology, ’09) is the costume designer, MEREDITH MATTHEWS (BFA, Stage Management, ’14) is the production stage manager, and MATT REICH (BFA, Sound Design, ’15) is the sound designer.

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