Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind at The Neo-Futurists 

Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind, The Neo-Futurists, open run. DANIEL KERR-HOBERT (BFA, Acting, ’03) is in the cast. GREG ALLEN (Faculty) is Neo-Futurists’ founding director, KENDALL KARG (MFA, Arts Leadership ’13) is managing director. Neo-Futurists alumni include: TED BALES (BFA, Acting program, ’84-86), RANDY BURGESS (BFA, Acting, ’81), BETSY FREYTAG (MFA, Acting, ’88), SCOTT HERMES (MFA, Acting, ’89), TIM REINHARD (BFA, Acting, ’86), MIKE TROCCOLI (Certificate, Acting, ’80), and PHIL RIDARELLI (BFA, Acting, ’87).

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