Logan Consulting Intern by Julia Paul


If you’re wondering what it’s like being a marketing intern at Logan Consulting, you’re in the right place. From writing blogs, sending out newsletters, or optimizing social media, you’re always busy at Logan Consulting. This is a small to medium company who specializes on management technology consulting for businesses, like manufactures. You will get a full understanding of many consulting practices, content creation, business writing, and the ability to communicate with a large range of people.

The Duties
The duty of an intern is to create relevant content for emails, social media and the website. Marketing interns do a lot of writing. Blog posts are designed to target and spark the interest of their customers about relevant and relatable topics. These blogs are shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. On top of that, interns make and design social media images through Canva which coordinates to the topic of the blog to the theme of their social platforms, which is simply just the color royal blue with white text (See below). The content is then posted with the blog link attached. Next, monthly newsletters are made for their customers and prospects. These contain top highlights from the month, top blogs, or any current events. These newsletters have links which link back to their website so people can view our content.

Interns are responsible for interviewing with the consultants to get information to make a case study. This is so we can post on the website about past client experiences and how Logan Consulting helped them. We also interview them for blog topics and ideas, and for white papers, which are graphic, mini downloadable books. An example topic of a whitepaper is “24 Questions manufacturers should ask being Implementing a new ERP Software”. White papers are posted on the website for prospects and consumer to read them, they must leave their email and name for the free download. This is a great way for Logan Consulting to get someone’s information.

My Personal Reflection
Since working at Logan Consulting for 3 months, I have been very happy with my time here. I have had to really challenge myself in learning about this industry and how to get things done on my own. They have high expectations that you can come in, view the task lists and start getting things done. This is a great motivator for me because it has been teaching me organization, time management and how to be efficient. Being able to see your workload and to cross off completed tasks really helps me stay on track and to get ahead of the game.

I have learned how to write my first blog, manage business social media platforms, and use a CRM software to design and develop newsletters and other email campaigns. I have also learned so much about the management technology consulting industry. Learning about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, or Customer Relations Management (CRM) software can be very dry and hard to comprehend in the beginning, but the more you are exposed to it, the better it gets and the more you learn.

At Logan Consulting, we use Microsoft Office 365 to create content and to communicate with anyone. We use Outlook to Email and to organize our day with calendars, Skype for Business to communicate with each other, and SharePoint to view our task lists and other important information. We also use Word and Excel to manage data and create documents.

My favorite part of this internship opportunity is the company culture. It’s a small business and there are usually anywhere from 5-10 people in the office at a time (the consultants travel), so you really get to know each other. Everyone I’ve met has been so helpful and caring to me while I am learning. I felt so welcomed when I was new. Everyone at Logan Consulting is very hard working. They all strive for success while also strongly valuing the important things of life other than work and this is something, I really like about interning at Logan Consulting.

Interested in learning more about what it’s like to be a marketing intern at Logan Consulting? Feel free to contact me, jtpaul286@gmail.com or click here to visit Logan Consulting’s website.