International Students Reflect: Education, Professional Experience, and Community in a New Home

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Making the decision to return to school can often be a difficult one, and even more so when a student chooses to attend an academic institution abroad. Three Kellstadt MBA students came together to reflect on their academic year as international students and the connections they formed with their classmates and faculty. Priscilla Mwaura, Shweta Gujrathi and Jing Liu selected DePaul University based on its strong academic reputation, but these students gained more than just an education–they discovered a community.

Mwaura chose to relocate from her home country of Kenya in part due to Chicago’s diverse economy and reputation as a top financial city. Kellstadt offered not only AACSB accredited classes, but also a faculty made up of industry experts and entrepreneurs well connected in the Chicago business community. Both were vital to Mwaura, who wanted to ensure that the MBA program she selected was reputable if she were to leave Kenya.

Jing Liu

Kellstadt’s financial reputation also attracted Liu. “Kellstadt has provided an international perspective,” Liu says. “Not only have I learned about the American economy, but also the economies of Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom through a study abroad trip.” For Liu, this professional knowledge has been invaluable. Liu continues, “I’ve been able to gain experience in some of the top financial industries and network with DePaul’s vast alumni network, helping to position me closer to achieving my career goals.”

Mwaura agrees that her first year at Kellstadt has broadened her outlook on global business, sometimes in surprising ways.“Some classes, such as MGT 584: Consulting Skills, developed my skill set in areas I knew little about before,” Mwaura says. “The learning environment at DePaul fosters teamwork and networking. Forming and sustaining these skills and relationships will directly impact the direction my career takes.”

Gujrathi found value not only in the academic resources, but also in the relationships she formed within the Kellstadt community. “The admissions team became my partners in the process even before I enrolled at DePaul, and I continue to receive the same support from the faculty and staff,” Gujrathi says. “Having someone to stand by you is particularly important for international students as they face various challenges in a new country.”

It has been a year full of education and networking for the three, and they look forward to finishing their degrees in 2019. With the support of the Kellstadt community they are positioned for success, whether in Chicago, or abroad.

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  • Shweta Gujrathi is pursuing her MBA in Marketing full-time at Kellstadt Graduate School of Business
  • Priscillia Mwaura is pursuing her MBA in Finance full-time at Kellstadt Graduate School of Business.
  • Jing Liu is pursuing her MBA in Finance full-time at Kellstadt Graduste School of Business

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July 23, 2018