Attending a Kellstadt Power Hour

Kellstadt Power Hour

Interested in a DePaul MBA or a specialized MS degree? Attend the Kellstadt Power Hour to learn more. The Kellstadt Power Hour is a casual information session where you will meet faculty representatives and receive information on admission, scholarships and financial assistance. You can ask questions, meet student ambassadors and chat with career development representatives to find out about some of our alumni’s most recent successes. The Kellstadt Power Hour has helped many current students decide that DePaul was the place for them. Our next power hour is Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 6 p.m.

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What Prospective Students Can Expect:

Jarrett McGuigan, a current part-time MBA student, says, “I decided to attend the Kellstadt Power Hour because I saw it as a great way to learn more about the various areas of study within the MBA program and a chance to meet current students and faculty. The power hour helped me to develop a better understanding of what life at DePaul would be like. The event gave me an avenue to ask current students about things such as workload balance, their favorite things about attending DePaul, class recommendations and so on. I was also provided valuable information about the application and acceptance process. The event gave me a much fuller picture of what to expect from the day I submitted my application up until the first day of classes.”

Power hours have been instrumental in helping prospective students decide that DePaul was the best place to pursue their advanced business degrees. McGuigan was able to speak to a number of Kellstadt faculty and staff. “I had the pleasure of speaking to a number of people that helped shape my decision to ultimately enroll at DePaul,” McGuigan says. “Through these conversations with the faculty and students, I was also able to build a list of ‘must-take’ classes that others shared had a huge impact on their graduate experience.”

Power Hour & My Decision to Attend DePaul:

First-year full-time MBA student Ari Carter also felt the impact of Power Hour. “What really stuck out to me was that Anthony Cuellar (assistant director of recruiting), who took the time to give me a tour of the DePaul Center and answer my questions,” Carter says. “This experience made me realize the personal touch that DePaul brings to the table. The Kellstadt Power Hour helped confirm that DePaul was the right place for me.”


  • Jarrett McGuigan is a part-time DePaul MBA student (class of 2019) and works as a business analyst at the Make-A-Wish® Foundation.
  • Ari Carter is a full-time DePaul MBA student (class of 2020) with a concentration in finance.

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October 22, 2018