By Shanjali Arulmozhi Arasu

I was first drawn to DePaul because of the new healthcare markets and analytics concentration in the MBA program at Kellstadt. I was excited to dive into my learning journey and take advantage of all the opportunities that Kellstadt had to offer. I had read about these opportunities as I researched which universities to attend, so I had an idea of what to expect when I began my first quarter in fall 2022.

But there’s only so much you can learn about a university by reading about it. Now that I’ve completed my first quarter, I can say there is a lot I’ve learned about DePaul that I wasn’t aware of prior to becoming a student here. Here are the top three things I’ve discovered so far that make DePaul—and Kellstadt—a great place to be:

Job recruiters are quite literally at DePaul’s doorstep

My first day at DePaul, I was greeted by a Crowe pop-up stand with pizza even before I found my way to class. Crowe is an accounting, consulting and technology LLP and they were there that day recruiting business students and graduates and offering internship opportunities. If you would’ve told me before I’d come to DePaul that there would be recruiters literally on my way to class, I would’ve thought you were joking. But that is literally how accessible companies are to students are DePaul. The Big Four companies being KPMG, Deloitte, Ernest and Young and PwC have also made their big appearances at DePaul’s campus. DePaul provides students with many opportunities to know and connect with potential employers on campus. This way students don’t have to go far and beyond to get face-to-face their dream company.

There’s a student organization for almost every interest

Whether you are interested in archery, cryptocurrency or simply love to read, DePaul welcomes you with more than 498 student clubs and groups that cater to so many different interests. I had always been interested in learning American Sign Language (ASL). I learned some ASL on my own during the COVID-19 lockdown period and was super excited when I found out that DePaul had an ASL club for undergrad and grad students. The club met throughout the quarter with events such as the Deaftopia, where students were able to get to know people in the deaf community and practice their sign language. DePaul’s numerous clubs offer a great way to meet peers in similar courses to you, learn more about a professional career, develop a hobby or simply network!

The career events and opportunities are countless

There are so many opportunities for Kellstadt students to gain real-world experiences in the field of their interest, and many student organizations that put together career-oriented events almost every day. One of my favorite events that I attended was a visit to the BMO office, organized by DePaul Females in Finance.

Students had the opportunity to receive a personal tour of the BMO office and hear from a panel of industry professionals from BMO, Northern Trust and 1871—an innovation hub in Chicago that DePaul students and alumni have special access to. We also heard from four Kellstadt alumni working in analytics, which provided great insight into the various careers in analytics, tips to ace the interview process, softwares used in the analytics field and more.

Another event that stood out to me was the fall 2022 career fair that featured over one hundred companies, ranging from the NFL, PWC, American Heart Association, CVS health etc. This event exposed students from all across DePaul to recruiters and allowed for essential networking. Being able to meet and develop relationships with career professionals from so many different companies was immensely valuable.

DePaul took me by surprise in the best way possible by offering the kind of support I didn’t know I needed in my personal and career life. Whether it was the staff, professors or the clubs, I felt welcomed with open arms and was given a safe space to express myself and learn from those around me.

Shanjali Arulmozhi Arasu grew up in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, earned her bachelor’s degree in the United Kingdom and currently lives in Chicago, where she is pursuing her MBA with a concentration in healthcare markets and analytics at DePaul’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. A graduate assistant in the Department of Economics, she is passionate about healthcare management and has plans to work in the field after graduating. Shanjali loves cats and enjoying exploring the city of Chicago in her leisure time.