Prospective Study of Young Adults During a COVID-19 Epidemic

Our group recently collected baseline behavioral and biological data on 4,501 college students between the years of 2014 and 2018. In the current study, we recontacted 1,064 of these participants between June 1, 2020 and May 1, 2020, and assessed their current functioning through on-line survey questionnaires. Identification of risk factors predisposing patients to developing COVID-19 may help uncover underlying mechanisms of disease. In our study, we compare their baseline data collected five years ago to current data for those after contracting COVID-19 as well as those who did not contract COVID-19. We have now used this grant as pilot work to secure a NIH grant to assess possible predisposing behavioral and cytokine network differences among participants who develop COVID-19.

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Leonard A. Jason
Professor of Psychology
Director, Center for Community Research
College of Science and Health

Leonard Jason Image

Dr. Jason is a former president of the Division of Community Psychology of the American Psychological Association. Dr. Jason has edited or written 30 books, and he has published over 800 articles and 100 book chapters. He has served on the editorial boards of ten psychological journals. He has served on review committees of the National Institutes of Health, and he has received over $46,500,000 in federal research grants. 

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research Team & Consultants


Leonard A. Jason, PhD
Ben Katz, MD
Michelle Adzido, MA
​​Joseph Cotler, PhD
Mohammed​ Islam, PhD
Shaun Bhatia, MPH
Chelsea Torres, BA
Samuel Yoo, BA
Ela Wiedbusch, BS

Karl Conroy, BA
Madeline Johnson, BA
Caroline Gaglio, BA
Brianna Mabie, ​BA
Meghan Elliott, BA
Mark Zinn, PhD

Consultant: Jacob Furst, PhD​