Academic Growth & Innovation Fund (AGIF): Highlights & Project Presentations

AGIF budgets $2 million annually to invest in innovative academic ideas with potential of positive revenue impact on DePaul in 3 years. There are three types of investments made by the University: Idea/concept generation; Protype/working model; and Institutional adoption/commercialization.

These innovative projects focus on generating tuition by enriching curricula, creating new curricula, and designing/delivering cutting-edge advertising programs. These projects also focus on generating external funding for research and creative pursuits. Finally, the commercialization of new ideas and proof of concepts will be discussed.

Three innovative projects will be showcased spanning the breadth of university and showcasing the depth of expertise within DePaul University. The common theme among all three of the presentations is the spirit of Here We Do. During these engaging presentations, you will have the opportunity to interact with the presenters and other participants to hopefully build or deepen existing relationships, supportively challenge your colleagues, and perhaps to spark your own ideas which may result in future funding.

Prospective Study of Young Adults During a COVID-19 Epidemic

  • Leonard A. Jason, College of Science & Health

The Virtual and Augmented Reality Communication Lab

  • Bree McEwan, College of Communication

The Theatre School Certificate in Theatrical Intimacy (CTI)

  • Kristina Fluty, The Theatre School

Session Chair Marty Martin