Seeds of the Mission: Brenda Chavez

Dignity and Relationship 

As Vincentians, we know that learning a person’s name and understanding their story is the first step toward systemic change. Relationship is at the heart of how we exist in the world. Vincentians strive to foster mutual, long term relationships with those in their communities, not for the sake of metrics or numbers, but rather for the sake of solidarity. Throughout our history, the Vincentian family has strived to keep each individual person at the center of their work.   

When Frederic Ozanam founded the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, he took inspiration from Rosalie Rendu and the Daughters of Charity, who went beyond providing acts of service and prioritized home visits. When members of the Society visit a person’s home, they sit with them, learn their name, engage in dialogue, and allow themselves to be formed and shaped by their story. For Vincentians, charity is not a series of standalone actions; it is love in action. It is the belief that through relationship, inventive change is possible.