Mission and Ministry Hosts Reception for Those Taking Leave of DePaul University

On Thursday, June 8th from 2:00-4:30 pm at Cortelyou Commons, Mission and Ministry invites the university community to a reception honoring those taking leave of DePaul at the end of this academic year, whether for the VSIP or other reasons. The hope is to have a common space and time as a community to express our thanks for the many years of service and significant contributions of these colleagues to DePaul. The gathering is for those planning to leave DePaul at the end of this year and those who wish to come to support and thank them.

RSVP is required for all those planning to attend the event in person.  Due to limited capacity, there will be a waiting list kept after registration fills, but those taking leave of DePaul will be guaranteed admission.

In order for others to know who we will be recognizing, we invite those leaving DePaul to self-identify USING THIS QUALTRICS FORM.  For the sake of the broader community, Mission and Ministry will post and update the names of those who have self-identified on the DMM blog site each Wednesday and Friday between now and June 8th.

In Gratitude for Your Service
Thursday, June 8th
2:00-4:30 pm
Cortelyou Commons, Lincoln Park Campus|

Note: A Waiting List will be maintained if registrations exceed capacity, but those taking leave of DePaul guaranteed admission.

Mission and Ministry will update the list of those who have self-identified as leaving DePaul at the end of this year on this blog site, updated each Wednesday and Friday between now and the reception on June 8th.

The following faculty and staff will be taking leave of the university at the end of this academic year. They have self-identified and agreed to share their names with the university community. We will honor and thank them for their service at the reception on Thursday, June 8th.



Susan Arenz Print & Mailing Services
Patti Arntzen Information Services
Richard Ashwell Information Services
Linda Blakley University Brand and Marketing
Shirley Bono SCPS
James Boyle Public Safety
Dorothy Briestansky Enrollment Managements/ Financial Aid, DePaul Central & Registrar
Nadia Coloma Driehaus College of Business
Victoria (toy) Deiorio The Theatre School
Robin Florzak Driehaus College of Business
Dorothy Greene Advancement
Maureen Griggs Public Safety
Kris Hansen Community & Government Relations
Lorne Henne Information Services
Christa Hinton KGSB
Chris Hofmann The theatre school
Randall Honold College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Office of the Dean
Annette Kessel Loop Facility Operations
Kim Klawitter Information Services
Marla Krause Journalism
Linda Levendusky Faculty Scholarship Collaborative
Karen Loiacono Environmental Science & Studies
Cary Lovett Print and Mailing Services
Lydia Marsette EM Graduate Admissions COE/CMN
Jane McGrath Student Affairs
Joan McGrenera CDM
Laurie Melvin Treasury – Real Estate
Yolanda Mondragon CDM
Craig Mousin University Ombuds
Liz Ortiz Institutional Diversity and Equity
Chris Parker University Library
Rhonda Powell Accounts Payable
Felicia Richardson-McGee Driehaus College of Business
Guillermina Rodriguez College of Communication
Cheryl Schuh Financial Services
Matthew Sherman Document Services
Susan Shultz University Library
Stephanie Smith Human Resources
Victoria Simek Office of Academic Events
Kathryn Statz Student Affairs
Doinita Mary Toranzo Education
Janet Trzaska Advancement
Martin Williams Classroom Technologies


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  1. Thank you very much for organizing and sponsoring this event. It will speak volumes for those of us who remain.

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