Lawful Assembly Podcast – Episode 1: Portland, What Border are we Defending?


In this episode Rev. Craig B. Mousin discusses the deployment of federal officers to Portland in reaction to the ongoing protests. He discusses the problem of relying on federal immigration officers for local law enforcement and links some of Chicago’s responses to federal interference in local matters.

He references a previous podcast about DACA recipients and their families and communities. It is available here:


For more insight into the distinction between the constitutional constraints on Customs And Border Enforcement and local law enforcement, see a blog co-authored by a former colleague at DePaul College of Law’s Asylum and Immigration Law Clinic, Linus Chan, now an Associate Clinical Professor of Law at the University of Minnesota Law School: “Trump’s Paramilitary Unites Trained at the Border for the Assaults on Portland Moms,” by Linus Chan and Carrie L. Rosenbaum.…d-moms-attacked.html

If you would like more information about Mayor Harold Washington’s Executive Order or Chicago’s response to the Fugitive Slave Act, see my article at:

4 thoughts on “Lawful Assembly Podcast – Episode 1: Portland, What Border are we Defending?

  1. Hiram Soto provides examples of the lawlessness of the border patrol as he writes, “For years, we have been raising the alarm about the extraordinary “powers without warrant” that border agents assert in defiance of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution to interrogate people, set up checkpoints, search their vehicles, and enter onto their private property.” See: Opinion: Democracy in Danger When Border Agents Come Knocking on Everyone’s Doors–1MxHrQ00X0zF0

  2. Alisa Reznik writes about the recent arrests at an Arizona No More Deaths medical aid camp in “Multiple arrests in Border Patrol raid on migrant aid camp, second this week.” Although the Border Patrol claimed they had a warrant, they did not present it on arriving at the camp. Notice also this purported law enforcement agency has already concluded those arrested are illegal. The statement from the border patrol said: “Upon entry, over three dozen Illegal border crossers were found within the camp.” This agency ignores the belief under our nation’s rule of law that one who has not been adjudicated as breaking the law is presumed innocent. This agency acts with impunity and does not even pretend to follow the law. See the full article at:

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