Serving from the Heart

May you never take the attitude of merely getting the task done…

“As for your conduct toward the sick, may you never take the attitude of merely getting the task done. You must show them affection; serving them from the heart; inquiring of them what they might need; speaking to them gently and compassionately.” Louise de Marillac (Spiritual Writings, p. 773)

Louise de Marillac spent many years in active ministry directly serving those on the margins. She was an accomplished leader whose deep sense of compassion infused all her actions. Over the course of her life, Louise organized and administered a broad spectrum of works in healthcare, education, and social welfare. These works continue worldwide today through the efforts of the Daughters of Charity, the religious community of women she co-founded with Vincent de Paul.

In the tradition of Vincentian personalism, every day at DePaul we are presented with opportunities to serve from our heart and demonstrate acts of compassion. How do you see your work continuing this legacy?

2 thoughts on “Serving from the Heart

  1. The Daughters of Charity are a Society of Apostolic Life, not a religious community in the Catholic Church. They live in community to accomplish their mission of serving poor persons and make annual, private vows, not public perpetual vows.
    I appreciate your Mission Monday reflections. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for a great reminder, serving from the heart. That’s what i will strive to do this year and every year. God is my help.

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