“You must have an inner life, everything must tend to that direction.  If you lack this, you lack everything.” — Vincent de Paul (Pujo, The Trailblazer, 252)

Muslims around the world are currently observing the lunar month of Ramadan, fasting dawn to sunset daily from food, drink, and intimate relations. They also attempt to fill these days with reflection, good deeds, and spending for good causes. Many gather each evening, including here at DePaul, for communal meals to break the fast, and for special extended nightly prayers. One of the primary purposes of such practices among Muslims, as well as those in many other spiritual traditions, is to break free from the routine of daily life. It is done to gain a renewed sense of gratitude for simple things like food and water, and a renewed sense of enthusiasm and confidence to take on the many individual and collective challenges they will face. Over the next several days and weeks, what are some ways that you can cultivate gratitude and passion in your life, and in your work?


Note: The translation used is from Pujo’s biography, which is not the official translation of Vincent’s statement