A Reflection on Providence in the Easter Season

“Follow the order of Providence. Oh! How good it is to let ourselves be guided by it!” (CCD 1:283-84)

Vincent de Paul often implored his followers to trust in Providence. He fundamentally believed in a God who would provide what was needed for them to fulfill their mission, who would guide their process in carrying it out, and who would bring people into their lives to help them do so. During the season of Easter, Christians throughout the world are now remembering and celebrating the triumph of life, love, and hope over death and despair. This sacred time serves to center trust in their lives on the sustaining presence of this same Providence. One way to understand the substance of our faith is to ask ourselves, “Ultimately, what do we put our trust in?” For Vincent, it was Providence. What is it for you?

Full citation: Letter 198d, To Saint Louise, 1635, CCD, 1:283-84.