John C. Reilly profiled in Vulture

JOHN C. REILLY (BFA, Acting, ’87) is profiled in Vulture about his career playing sidekicks. John has four films coming out this year – The Sisters Brothers, Stan & Ollie, Holmes and Watson, and Wreck-It Ralph, Ralph Breaks the Internet.

John discusses his career path starting with his first film, Casualties of War, just months after finishing at The Theatre School, and his his take on why he has been successful: “I was born to be a vessel for emotion,” he says. “I was born to experience things and have other people watch me experience them so that they can feel whatever it is I’m going through. If you really accept that about yourself, and I have, then when people ask you, ‘What are you really like?’ I can say, ‘I don’t know. I’m the cup.’ What is the cup? The cup is what’s in it, right?”

He says he works best in duos, and he’s in three this fall: Stan & Ollie, Holmes and Watson, and The Sisters Brothers.

Source: John C. Reilly on Working Best in a Duo and His New Films