Nina Siemaszko on The West Wing Weekly Podcast

NINA SIEMASZKO (BFA Acting program ’88-’89) appears on this week’s episode of The West Wing Weekly podcast. Nina portrayed presidential daughter Eleanor “Ellie” Bartlet on The West Wing for seven seasons.

In this episode, we look at the uncomfortable contiguity of Bartlet the President and Bartlet the Dad. Along the way, we discuss zeugma, gloriosky!, Smoot-Hawley, and other ridiculous sounding words. We also talk to Nina Siemaszko (@MsSiemaszko) about her role as Ellie Bartlet.footnotes—School of Rock [the movie]School of Rock [the Broadway musical]”Gee Officer Krupke” from West Side Story

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Source: 2.15: Ellie (with Nina Siemaszko) — The West Wing Weekly