Why You Should Attend a Kellstadt Open House (and How to Prepare for One)

by Nadia Alfadel Coloma

When you’re interested in learning about Kellstadt—maybe you’re a prospective student or maybe you’ve been recently admitted—sure, you can find lots of information online. But attending a Kellstadt open house is a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable insight about your program of interest, university processes and services like financial aid and registration, ask your burning questions, get referrals to resources, and so much more.

Sessions happen two to three times per year, and since 2020, they have all been virtual (on Zoom), making it even easier for you to fit one into your schedule. The next one is coming up on Thursday, February 10—which you can register for here.

So, what can you expect from a Kellstadt open house, especially one that’s virtual?

On the day of the open house there are two identical sessions: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Both include a one-hour presentation from Kellstadt recruitment and advising staff, with some time for Q&A afterwards. Theoretically, you can attend the first session and log off early if you need to, then attend the second half of the second session to catch up on what you missed. Easy.

It’s important to note that a virtual open house and in-person open house deliver the exact same information. In fact, there are benefits to the virtual format, like getting your questions answered in real-time since you can pose them in the chat box on Zoom during the live presentation, and getting specific information faster since staff can provide links to resources you need right there on the spot (thus eliminating a future scenario in which you’re frantically searching for that piece of paper you wrote an email address on). In a virtual format, Kellstadt staff can respond to you at a much quicker pace and set you up with appointments more easily.

What other things should you know before attending a Kellstadt open house?

Read on for some tips from Kellstadt Director of Recruitment and Admissions Garry Cooke, on how to prepare for a virtual open house to get the most out of your experience.

  • Check your computer’s connectivity before start time. How’s the internet quality? Are your speakers working? This may seem obvious but it’s worth it to not skip this step so you can troubleshoot any unexpected issues. After all, your computer may have its own plans and decide to install that lengthy update right as you’re logging in (of course).
  • Prep your environment. Make sure you’re in a good spot to pay attention. Eliminate distractions by sitting somewhere quiet or wearing headphones (double check that your headphones are charged if they are the Bluetooth kind). If you’re going to have your camera on, prep the space behind you as you would if you were attending any virtual meeting.
  • Have some questions prepared. As you listen to the presentation, your questions may get answered or other questions may come up and that’s perfectly fine. But take advantage of having a direct line of communication with Kellstadt staff and come prepared with questions to ask. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions, either. For example, if you want to know why you should attend DePaul, go ahead and ask.
  • Know your motive. Probably the most important thing to know before you attend is what you want to get out of it. At least have an idea. Maybe you want to know more about the overall student experience in the program, or you need help navigating registration, or you want to make an appointment with a career advisor to discuss potential career paths. There are many reasons to attend an open house, and knowing yours will ensure that you leave the event satisfied. Because whatever your reason, we can help you. You just have to let us know!

Are you ready? Sign up here to attend the Kellstadt virtual open house on Thursday, February 10.


Nadia Alfadel Coloma (MA ’11) is a communication analyst in the Driehaus College of Business and the editor of the Inside Kellstadt blog.


Posted on

February 8, 2022