Five Reasons Why I Chose Kellstadt

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Students engaged in conversation with staff at an open house event

By Noelle Rotte

As I find myself halfway through my MBA journey at DePaul University, I’m reminded of the many reasons that led me to choose the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business for my MBA over other MBA programs. Here’s a glimpse into why Kellstadt stood out to me:

(1) Access to Professors

Coming from a small undergraduate institution with intimate class sizes and meaningful interactions with professors, I wanted to continue this personalized approach in my MBA. DePaul’s commitment to fostering close student-faculty relationships aligned perfectly with my academic preferences.

(2) Financial Aid Opportunities

DePaul’s comprehensive financial aid offerings played a pivotal role in my decision-making process. As a full-time MBA student, I received a Graduate Assistantship offer. The Graduate Assistantship I received covers half of my tuition for the first three quarters. The student-first policy, allowing flexibility in work hours during demanding academic periods, further underscored DePaul’s commitment to supporting students holistically.

(3) Access to Career Opportunities

Situated in the vibrant city of Chicago, DePaul provides unparalleled access to a multitude of career prospects and networking avenues. With its extensive alumni network and strong reputation within the city, DePaul serves as an ideal place for expanding one’s professional horizons.

(4) Diverse Learning Modalities

DePaul’s diverse range of learning modalities caters to various student needs and preferences. Whether it’s hybrid, flex, or fully online classes, the flexibility offered has been invaluable.

(5) Engagement with the Driehaus/Kellstadt Community

DePaul fosters an inclusive community through numerous engagement opportunities. From leadership roles in student organizations to participation in networking events and case competitions, the avenues for involvement are abundant, allowing students to forge meaningful connections and contribute to the university’s dynamic environment.

With these factors in mind, I am confident that choosing DePaul University for my MBA program was the right decision. DePaul’s unwavering support, coupled with its conducive learning environment and vast array of opportunities, has enriched my academic journey and positioned me for success in as I begin to step back into the world of business.


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February 15, 2024