Setting the Right Intentions for 2020

By Meghrie Babikian

Alright, Blue Demons. Let’s be candid here – I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. They feel like they have to start and end with the year, and it feels like once you break one, it’s game over. That’s too much pressure! As young professionals, we have a lot going on. Whether we’re working full-time and taking classes in the evenings, or if we’re full-time students and working part-time, the grind never stops.

Kellstadt ensures you work hard for your degree in all the best ways, but the last thing we need is more pressure. So forget resolutions – let’s instead set intentions. The less pressure we place on ourselves at the start of the year, the easier it is to hold ourselves accountable.

Here are some intentions I will be setting to help manage my overflowing plate as a full-time MBA student and graduate assistant at Kellstadt:

Twelve books a year: read one new book a month. Being a student makes it hard to read for leisure. We always have so many reading assignments to complete for classes. And let’s be honest, those reading assignments – although insightful – aren’t always the easiest reads. I’m giving myself the power to pick some writing that I want to read. First book? Shoe Dog by Phil Knight.

Hit the gym, hit the books: strong body, strong mind. I’m a huge proponent of staying active and healthy. The better you feel physically, the better you will also feel mentally, and vice versa. I’m setting an intention to hit strong workouts 5 days a week, followed by a focused study hour. After all, they say you’re always mentally more alert after a workout!

Social Media who? Listen, we all know we spend way too much time on this, and nothing is special or sacred anymore because anyone can access it at any time. At the end of 2019 I gave myself a test run and got off of all of my social media accounts in the hopes of focusing more on my studies and finals. What I didn’t expect to find was how much happier I was without it! This year, I’m intending to drop the social media fully, focus on myself and my studies, and cherish special moments and human interactions.

Family, friends, faith: filling up my cup. Being a full-time graduate student and having a job is a lot of hard work. As important as it is to focus on studies, I recognize that none of that focus matters if you don’t have a solid support system. For me, that comes from my family, my friends and my faith. My intention this year? Prioritize the trifecta as much as possible, and fill my cup all the way up.

Manifesting the magic: your vibe attracts your tribe. We’ve heard it all before but let’s make it happen this year! I really do believe that the energy you put into the universe will act as a magnet and find its way back to you one way or another. This year, my intention is to manifest the things that I want to keep in my life: health, happiness, success in school and work, and good friendships.

There’s no better day to start than today, right now. So… what are your intentions, Blue Demons?

Meghrie Babikian graduated from the University of California Irvine with a Bachelor of Music degree, and holds a Master of Music degree with an emphasis in piano performance, from Roosevelt University. She is currently pursuing an MBA at DePaul and is co-founder and co-president of Kellstadt’s Women in Business student organization.


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January 27, 2020