Health Promotion and Wellness Spotlight: Collegiate Recovery Community

The Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) at DePaul was created to give DePaul students and alumni peer support in their recovery from substance use, mental health conditions, and eating concerns. CRC hosts weekly meetings, connects students in recovery to new resources, and engages in continuing education to ensure a safe environment for all participants in the recovery process.  HPW believes that by engaging in recovery services with peers, individuals can obtain academic, social, and personal success.  

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration defines recovery as “A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live self-directed lives, and strive to reach their full potential.” 

To uphold this definition CRC holds weekly meetings led by HPW staff where members of DePaul’s recovery community can interact with other individuals who are also in the recovery process. Even if you participate in 12-step programs or NAMI meetings, the weekly CRC meetings are a place where people can freely talk about how mental health, substance use, and eating concerns can intersect with staff and peers who also understand that recovery from multiple experiences sometimes happens simultaneously. The meetings alternate every other week from large group discussions (all participants of that week’s meeting stay in the main Zoom room as everyone responds to the question of the week) to small group discussions (participants are split into rooms based on the type of recovery that is most relevant to them and respond to the weekly question in the small group). The CRC holds the recovery meetings every Thursday from 5 PM-6:30 PM. Upcoming meeting topics include: 

  • Healthy Boundaries  
  • Healthy Coping Mechanism: Tools in Your Toolbox 
  • Spirituality in Recovery 


May is Mental Health Awareness month! In honor of this time, the Collegiate Recovery Community is hosting a Crowdfund campaign to extend support of DePaul students and alumni actively in recovery. The tiers of the Crowdfund are: 

  • $10 (this amount will help CRC continue to make and distribute media that educates DePaul about resources available for recovery support). 
  • $50 (this amount will be used for training materials to teach staff and allies about how to be supportive, using motivational interviewing, and how they can aid in destigmatizing recovery) 
  • $250 (this amount will help current students seeking recovery who have unplanned financial needs that result from a mental health condition or substance use).  


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