A Glimpse of Interfaith at Princeton

DePaul University’s evolving Interfaith Council is only a glimpse into our nation’s growing expanding interfaith movement. It is an exciting time for those who are passionate about interfaith work.  Much of the interfaith movement is progressing on campuses large and small all over the country because an academic university setting is a great place to cultivate the kind of sincere and open-minded conversations that are essential to this movement. Princeton University’s Religious Life Council (RLC) is a prime example of the modern interfaith movement in a university setting. Continue reading


As our society becomes increasingly diverse, we are ever more likely to encounter the “other” – someone whose religious faith, experience, practice, and identity are different from our won. Acknowledging the reality of religious diversity, “interfaith” refers to a creative encounter between people from different faith orientations (traditional and non-traditional) for the purpose of mutual learning, spiritual growth, and even an experience of community. Continue reading