Lunch with Vincent: A Conversation with Maureen McGonagle

Resources, News, Events and Happenings related to the integration of DePaul’s Vincentian mission into the ongoing life and work of the university community.

Mission Monday

Seasons of Change

In a season of renewal, as spring blooms and spiritual practices like Lent and Ramadan unfold, we confront our vulnerabilities and envision a world of connection, radical generosity, and transformation.

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Mission-Related Events and Happenings This Week

Lunch with Vincent: A Conversation with Maureen McGonagle

DePaul faculty and staff are invited to join Mission and Ministry and Maureen McGonagle, a veteran university leader, for our inaugural Spring Quarter Lunch with Vincent. Maureen, with 25 years of experience directing The Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center, will delve into the distinction between “values” and “virtues” and discover ways to embody them both more deeply.

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Spring: DePaul’s Season of Religious Observances

Spring on our campus is a time of religious celebrations, honoring traditions like Passover, Holi, Holy Week, and Ramadan. Join us as we embrace diversity and unity in this season of spiritual reflection.

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