About the JHLI Fellowship and Summer Scholars Program – by Samuel Rossi

The prestigious Health Law Fellows Program provides DePaul College of Law Students with opportunities to participate in the substantive work of the Jaharis Health Law Institute (JHLI). Students can apply to become Fellows by submitting an application, and they maintain fellowship status by participating in a variety of activities throughout the academic year, including attending the lunch lecture series events, posting on our blog, research and writing, mentoring, planning and attending the annual symposium, and various health law program social events. One of the many benefits of maintaining fellowship status is that Fellows are eligible to apply for the JHLI Summer Scholars Program. This Program provides students with paid legal internship placements at a variety of health law job sites that run the gamut between positions in-house with health systems and corporations, to law firms, to policy and direct legal service organizations. Often times these positions are unfunded, but the Summer Scholars Program allows students interested in health law to pursue their interests and gain valuable legal experience without financial barriers.

As a JHLI Fellow and Summer Scholar in both 2020 and 2021, I worked in the Medical Prosecutions Unit at the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) and received a $5,000 stipend from JHLI each summer as compensation. My work at IDFPR helped me gain valuable knowledge about health law generally and further allowed me to hone my reading, writing, and researching skills. Some of the work I performed included drafting, issuing, and filing discovery motions and consent orders, compiling and sending file materials to medical experts for review, and performing and collecting medical literature and case research. This position also allowed me to connect with other established attorneys in field of health law, including my supervisor and other attorneys in the office. These newfound relationships have resulted in letters of recommendation, referrals for other positions, and will undoubtedly benefit me in my career path after graduation. Although this job at IDFPR was of interest to me, I was initially hesitant to accept the position because it was unpaid. However, the Summer Scholars Program stepped in and allowed me to pursue my passion in health law while still receiving a wage. Other placements this summer include Sinai Health System, The American Medical Association, Walgreens, Shirley Ryan Ability Center, iRythym, HillRom, Malecki and Brooks, Legal Aid Chicago, and many more. I encourage any DePaul College of Law students interested in health law to learn more about the Health Law Fellowship and Summer Scholar Program.

For more information or to submit your application, please email our Executive Director, Alice Setrini.