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Practitioner in Residence Application

The DePaul Migration Collaborative (DMC) is pleased to announce its Practitioner in Residence program which will host scholars, advocates and expert practitioners to participate in its Reframing Refugees Project.

DePaul Migration Advocate

DePaul alumni are influencers in the fields of migration, immigration and human rights. The DePaul Migration Advocates project seeks to highlight and share their contributions on DePaul’s website and other platforms

Inaugural Immigration Summit

On April 29, 2022, the DePaul DMC Immigration Summit convened in Chicago, uniting scholars, advocates, and community stakeholders to address crucial immigration and human rights issues. Topics spanned from crisis response and immigration enforcement to mental health concerns and climate change’s influence on refugee status. 

DePaul Migration Collaborative Inaugural Immigration Summit: Strategies for a Migrant Plant.  Pictured: (back row) Chris Tirres, Craig Mousin,  Donald Kerwin, Executive Director of the Center for Migration Studies Hiroshi Susan Westerberg Prager Distinguished Professor of Law and Faculty Co-Director, Center for Immigration Law and Policy, UCLA School of Law, Sioban Albiol, Kathleen Arnold (front row) Allison Tirres, Erika Lee, Regents Professor of History and Asian American Studies, Director, Immigration History Research Center, Rudolph J. Vecoli Chair in Immigration History, University of Minnesota, Shailja Sharma, Rubén Álvarez Silva

DePaul Migration Collaborative’s First Immigration Summit: Strategies for a Migrant Plant. Pictured: (back row) C. Tirres, C. Mousin, D. Kerwin (Center for Migration Studies), H. Prager (UCLA School of Law), S. Albiol, K. Arnold. (front row) A. Tirres, E. Lee (University of Minnesota), S. Sharma, R. Álvarez Silva.

About Us

The DePaul Migration Collaborative engages scholars, practitioners, students and alumni to find solutions to society’s most pressing problems in the areas of migration, mobility and human rights.  The Collaborative leverages the power of interdisciplinary scholarly collaboration to pursue dynamic, community-engaged projects, advocacy and research, while establishing innovative learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students who will become the field’s next generation of leaders and problem-solvers.

These efforts will allow the Collaborative to advocate for and contribute to better public policy, stronger communities and a more just society.


Our Impact

The DePaul Migration Collaborative (DMC) has made a notable impact in the field of migration studies. A total of 106 DePaul faculty members have shown interest or actively participated in migration-related endeavors. The Migration and Asylum Survey (MAS) indicates that 37 of these faculty members have incorporated migration issues into their courses. In addition, 35 DePaul alumni are actively participating or involved with the DePaul Migration and Asylum (DMA) initiatives. This engagement reflects a growing and vibrant community dedicated to the exploration, teaching, and active response to migration challenges.


DePaul Migration Advocates

The DePaul Migration Advocates, a collaboration between the Colleges of Law (CoL) and Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS), highlights DePaul’s legacy as an immigrant-serving institution through the work and impact of its alumni in migration, immigration, and human rights. Their contributions are showcased on DePaul’s website and other platforms 




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Community Capacity Project

The DMC’s Community Capacity Inventory, an interdisciplinary project from March to December 2022, assessed Chicago community organizations’ assets and needs. Led by Prof. Chris Tirres, Dr. Olya Glantsman, and graduate students, they engaged with 18 organizations, culminating in a report outlining potential collaboration areas including mental health support, student involvement, collaborative space, and addressing language and legal needs.


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Solutions Lab

The DMC Solutions lab is an ongoing project run by the DMC. The Solutions Lab supports interdisciplinary, community-engaged research projects aimed at directly addressing key challenges facing migrants in the United States and across the world. Successful projects will address critical areas of need as collaboratively identified by the scholars and community partner(s) on the project. The funding runs from June 15, 2023-June 15, 2024, though individual project timelines may vary.

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Reframing Refugees Project

In response to recent global policies limiting refugee and asylum-seeker protection, the Collaborative aims to influence policies by creating migrant support models aligned with international human rights standards. The objective is a nationally replicable model addressing migration realities, detailing asylum pursuit strategies, and fostering NGO engagement in individual case advocacy.

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Our History

The DePaul Migration Collaborative (DMC), born from DePaul University’s commitment to immigrant communities, originated in 1996 with the founding of the Asylum & Immigration Law Clinic. In 2015, the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences introduced the first U.S. graduate program in Refugee & Forced Migration Studies. The DMC, a joint venture of the College of Law and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, embodies DePaul’s dedication to interdisciplinary research and advocacy in migration and human rights, seeking systemic change through education and collective action, reinforcing DePaul’s legacy as an immigrant-serving institution

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