Christine Reyna’s Bio

Christine Reyna is a Professor in the Psychological Science department at DePaul University in Chicago. Her research focuses on stereotypes, prejudice and intergroup relations with an emphasis on how people legitimize prejudice using attributions, values and moral framing. She has examined how these processes impact a variety of political and social issues–such as racial discrimination, LGBT attitudes, immigration, poverty, health care, police violence and the rise of White nationalism. As a scholar interested in the universal psychological underpinnings of prejudice, she examines prejudice in all of its diverse forms, including examining prejudice across the ideological spectrum (liberal and conservative prejudice) as well as prejudice within majority and minority communities.

In addition to her research in social and political psychology, Dr. Christine Reyna served as the Associate Chair of her department for 6 years where she developed a variety of professional development policies and programs, including one of the nation’s first premed specialization for psychology majors. She is Latina, loves adventure sports, wandering the wilderness, Halloween, and Harry Potter (see her class on the topic). She is married with two children and never passes up an opportunity to indulge her own inner child.