Assignment 2

For this assignment we were meant to clone our repository to our local device and start committing changes to the remote one. The coding aspect of this assignment was the most difficult, all the git functions and commands I understand and can use and also the aspect of GitHub. The code that we were meant to do was not difficult in the sense of it being complicated I have coded linked list from scratch before in previous classes but they have always been the literal one data structure in which I struggle the most and fail to grasp (going to try to change this). So for this I wish that the instructions were more clear and lengthy because a lot of times I feel like they just left a lot for interpretation by me which was bad on this occasion because of my struggles with linked lists in general. My implementation was definitely wrong but I grasped the git concepts well. This is certainly not a good example of my coding abilities. I know for sure later in the course and in our groups I will be able to write actual good code.

Assignment 1

Assignment 1 was straight forward for the tasks that we were supposed to do. Joining teams and posting/replying was working well and did not have any issues. Same thing for joining the github organization account as I already had a github account connected with my DePaul email. The biggest difficulty was getting Java to work in VS Code, I downloaded a newer version and I started having issues with it giving me errors for no reason. There might be an issue with paths and the JDK but after googling around for an answer and having no luck I just decided to use Eclipse which I knew would work. Lastly I feel optimistic about this course and I am really looking forward towards the collaboration aspect of it.